Workshop Outline: Knowledge, Reasoning, and Uncertiainty with AI

Course Structure

Two 5-hour days:  2 hours session, lunchbreak, 3 hours session; for each day.Northwestern Polytechnic University


Prerequisites:  We will alternate between presentations and programming exercises.  The programming exercises are not required, but require use of a laptop with Python 3 installed.  Experience in Python would be very helpful.  If you don’t have these skills, you could pair up with someone who does.We will also be using a number of concepts of probability, statistics, and linear algebra.


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Course Description and Instructors

Where is NPU?


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Day 1 - May 12

Day 2- May 19



What do we mean by intelligence? 

What do we mean by artificial intelligence?

Examples of AI

What are the primary concepts and approaches used in AI?


Problem Solving

Solving problems by searching

Informed search methods

Game Playing


Programming Example:  Problem Solving

What tools and languages are commonly used?


Sudoku example in Python


Knowledge and Reasoning

What is knowledge?

First-order logic

Building a knowledge base

Inference in first-order logic

Logical reasoning systems


Programming Example:  Knowledge and Reasoning

Rule-based systems


Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning

Making simple decisions

Making complex decisions


Programming Example:  Uncertainty and Reasoning

Bayesian inference


Data Science




Guest Presentation by Jenny Cai, Data Scientist at Moxie

This talk will cover typical projects carried out by Data Scientists.

Machine Learning

Learning from observations

Gradient Descent

Learning in Neural and Belief Networks

Reinforcement Learning


Programming Example:  Learning from data

Programming in Python Notebooks


Linear Regression


Deep Learning/Neural Networks


Why are these the current hot topic?

First set of examples

Structure of Neural Networks

Second set of examples


Programming Example:  Deep Learning


Programming linear regression in TensorFlow

Keras and other frameworks



Specialized Types of Neural Networks




Programming Example:  CNN’s and Images

Using TensorFlow for digit recognition

Using TensorFlow for image classification


Guest Presentation from Mr. Utkarsch Contractor, Head of AI and Data Science at Aisera

This talk will focus on language and text processing



Current applications of AI

Reading list for further investigation