Fall 2019 Current Student Payment Information

Important Fall 2019 Payment Information for current students


How do I pay?


What happens if I do not pay my fees or sign up for a payment plan?

If the tuition and fees are not paid by 08/08/2019 your course registration will be denied.  After the deadline, you will need to re-register and a late registration fee will be charged (see fees below).


Official Registration

You must pay the required tuition and fees to be fully registered for the new trimester.




Bachelors degree courses

$330 unit

Graduate degree courses

$450 unit

Auditing fee (no credit) Not applicable to project/CPT/lab course

half regular rate

Note: Tuition for repeating a course is the regular rate by degree level.
The last grade earned is the only grade recorded.




Registration Fee


Campus Fee


Learning Resource Fee


Health Insurance Fee (all students per trimester)


Late Registration Fees

    08/04/2019 ~ 08/19/2019


    08/20/2019 ~ 08/28/2019


    08/29/2019 ~ 09/07/2019


Payment Plan Service Fee (when using payment plan)



Payment Plans

Payment plans are available to current students only. Students need to choose this option at the time of registration in order to be considered on the plan. Amount owed is automatically calculated and students are required to pay the full amount of:


First Installment

  • Must be paid by 08/08/2019
  • Payment includes half of the applicable trimester tuition
  • Full health insurance premium
  • Required fees
  • Payment plan service fee

Second Installment

  • Must be paid by 10/09/2019
  • Remaining tuition must be paid