Articulation / Transfer Agreements and Transfer Guides

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I. Articulation & Transfer Agreements with California Community Colleges

NPU has established articulation agreements with several community colleges. Such agreements allow a seamless transfer of credits to NPU, thereby, shortening degree completion time for students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). These agreements also provide a list of specific courses that are mapped to undergraduate General Education (GE) and major course requirements.

Prospective students from community colleges are highly encouraged to discuss the transferability of credits with counselors at their respective colleges and also with the NPU admissions team.

The path to earning your bachelor’s degree is easier than you may think.

NPU has articulation agreements with the following community colleges:


II. Transfer Guides

NPU is articulating with the following community colleges and transfer guides/course mapping has been completed:

NPU uses the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to provide access to course equivalencies that are mapped to courses from any of the above listed colleges. Please click here to learn more.

If your college is not listed above, please contact our admissions team to discuss course transferability.

III. Articulation Agreement with ACI Learning

The articulation agreement between NPU and ACI Learning  ( recognizes both institutions as active educational partners committed to providing greater educational opportunities and services for students transferring between institutions. A course-specific crosswalk has been established enabling ACI Learning students to transfer their courses to NPU’s bachelor's programs. See the ACI Learning – NPU Equivalency Chart here.

IV. Transfer Agreement with English Language Schools

NPU has developed an agreement with Golden Gate College  ( in San Jose. This agreement specifies provisional acceptance by NPU of current or prospective GGC students intending to pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree at NPU. Satisfactory completion of level 12 of GGC’ Intensive Program serves as a sufficient substitute for NPU’s English proficiency requirement.


Contact the NPU admissions team for more information.