Manufacturing Day

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Alumni Event Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is an excellent opportunity to showcase the companies in Fremont that are still manufacturing at their site. Educators, students, and parents participate to learn how integral manufacturing is to the local, national, and global economy.

This year's Manufacturing Day was held on October 4, 2019. The NPU students and staff, along with the students from Ohlone College, visited  Seagate Technology, Fremont Research Center and observed a world-class facility in data storage industry.

The CEO of Steri-Tek, second company we visited on that day, Mr. Larry Nichols, gave a very wonderful welcome to the NPU Students and Staff at their facility at Fremont. Steri-Tek sterilizes medical devices, drugs, food and human tissues for implants using electron beam radiation and X-ray. Their facility has a 10,000,000 pound concrete bunker to keep the employees safe from the radiation. At the tour, the group learned about the simple process of sterilization. However, it is very critical in upholding the quality standards for the medical devices and pharmaceutical industries. 

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