Exam Day Information

We want you to be prepared when you arrive to take your Cambridge Assessment English exam. Your success is important to us!

How do I register for a Cambridge English exam?

Send an email to cambridge@npu.edu. We will send you a link to an online registration form.

How do I pay for the exam?

Pay for the exam when you register using the online registration form.

Will I receive registration and payment confirmation?

We will email you registration confirmation after we receive your online registration form and payment.

Where am I taking the exam?

Please come to room 101 of the NPU Cambridge examination center, 105 Fourier Ave., Fremont, CA 94539 (called the East Building).

Where do I park and do I have to pay for parking?

Parking is located in the lots next to the East Building. There is no charge for parking during Cambridge examinations.

What must I bring with me to the exam?

  • Original (not a copy), valid (not expired), government-issued photo identification, such as a passport or U.S. state I.D. or driver’s license.
  • Medication and/or facial tissues if you need them.
  • A clear plastic bottle of still (not carbonated) water, with no label on the bottle.
  • A lunch and snacks to eat during your exam breaks.
  • A sweater or light jacket in case you are cold.

When will I receive my exam results?

  • Exam results may take up to 4 weeks from the date of the exam.
  • NPU will contact you when we receive the official certificates.

What else do I need to know?

  • All exams are computer-based except for TKT exams, which are paper-based.
  • Please note that NPU requires a minimum of four registrations in order to run an exam.