May 12 & May 19 - AI Workshop: Knowledge, Reasoning, and Uncertainty with AI

Knowledge, Reasoning, and Uncertainty with Artificial Intelligence

Northwestern Polytechnic University AI Workshop May 12, 2018 and May 19, 2018

Join us for a Two Day workshop on AI.


A highly skilled team of AI professionals will lead the workshop, starting with concepts of knowledge, reasoning, planning, and uncertainty, then looking at the activities of a Data Scientist, learning about Neural Networks and Deep Learning, and how all of this is applied to images and text.


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Registration is closed for the May 12 & May 19, 2018 AI Workshop



Dates: Saturday, May 12, 2018 & Saturday, May 19, 2018

Time: 10 am-4 pm (2 hours session, lunch break, 3 hours session; for each day)

Duration: 2 days

Location: Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, CA (East Building, Room 117)

Workshop Fee: $99.00

Deadline to register: Registration is closed.

Instructors: Jeffrey Risberg, Jennifer Cai, Brandon Risberg, and Utkarsch Contractor


Questions? Contact us or 510-592-9688 ext 50




The AI workshop will alternate between presentations and programming exercises.  The programming exercises are not required, but require use of a laptop with Python 3 installed.  Experience in Python would be very helpful.  If workshop attendees do not have these skills, they are welcome to pair up with someone who does. The workshop will also be using a number of concepts of probability, statistics, and linear algebra.

Mr. Jeffrey Risberg (Lead Instructor)

Jeff Risberg is an experienced entrepreneur, co-founder, investor, developer, and educator.

Education: Stanford University: M.S., Graduate School of Business; Princeton University: Visiting Graduate Fellow; Yale University: M.S., Engineering and Applied Sciences; Brown University: Sc.B., Applied Math / Computer Science.


Over the past thirty years, he has led development organizations and teams providing analytic decision support technology in domains such as finance, online marketing, environment management, digital health, manufacturing management, and digital music.  Many of these projects and products have integrated AI and machine learning technologies. Since 2010, angel investor and technology advisor to multiple startups applying business analytics. Provide product and engineering execution skills, actively engaged in development efforts across web and mobile platforms. Working on all levels from strategy and leadership to hands-on coding in multiple development languages. Currently engineering leader at Aisera, a Silicon Valley AI firm in stealth mode.  Also a technology advisor and senior developer at QuanticMind, and investor and technology advisor at Levanto Financial, and advisor at Edhitch (an education tech provider in India).  Former board member at JustGiving, former CEO and CTO/developer of Squirrel Legend Games, former hands-on technology advisor at RallyOn, former VP Engineering at RallyOn, and former CTO at Sustainable Silicon Valley.

Prior experience includes 13 years at TIBCO Software, 3 years at Advanced Decision Systems, 6 years at Serus Corporation. Graduated Stanford Graduate School of Business Sloan Fellow program in 2002.  Several successful exits, including one over $1B.


As an investor and engineering leader, he understands the importance of ongoing education, and believes that in today’s world you must be constantly learning.  To make this happen, he has run study groups on topics in AI, machine learning, and web technology.  He has also created and taught classes on engineering design, and mentored over two dozen early-stage professionals on their career and professional tracks.


Ms. Jennifer Cai

Lead Data Scientist at Moxie from November 2015 to present. Extensive experience in machine learning, predictive analytics, and software development. Proficient across the entire pipeline from data wrangling, feature selection, model evaluation, API creation, up to data product.  Led study groups with Jeff Risberg on AI and Machine Learning concepts.


Mr. Brandon Risberg

Software engineer on knowledge-based search at Google. 2015 graduate from University of Southern California. Course developer and instructor at Museum of American Heritage, Palo Alto, California, 2006-2011.


Mr. Utkarsch Contractor

Technical Director - Machine Learning and AI at Aisera, Inc. in Palo Alto. Ph.D. candidate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University. Driving the research, strategy, vision and execution to solve challenging problems in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Deep Learning space. Led teams to deliver on key projects in the Search, Analytics and Enterprise Machine Learning domains. Led an MicroServices based enterprise integration platform initiative to drive optimization and efficiency in delivering software applications, which resulted to more than 40% savings on time and cost.


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