Professor Banafa's Book to be released November 2018

Northwestern Polytechnic University is pleased to announce that Professor Ahmed Banafa will release his newest book titled "Secure and Smart IoT using Blockchain and AI" in November of this year. Professor Banafa is considered an aurthority in the areas of blockchain and AI. He is called upon by local and international media to provide his insights into technology trends in IoT, blockchain, AI and their impact on our everyday lives. Congratulations Professor Banafa!


Professor Banafa is an accomplished faculty member and tech professional.


• Selected as one of Technology Fortune Tellers and a LinkedIn Influencer of 2018
• Named No. 1 Top Voice To Follow in Tech by LinkedIn in 2016 (550+ Million members)
• Author : "Secure and Smart Internet of Things using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence" book
• Media Expert in new tech with appearances on ABC, NBC , CBS, FOX TV and Radio
• Researches published by Forbes, MIT Technology Review, ComputerWorld, Techonomy
• Contributor to IEEE-IoT, LinkedIn, IBMCloud, IBM Big Data Analytics Hub, HPE Insights
• Articles translated to French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean
• Published over 100 articles about IoT, Blockchain, AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data
• Research papers used in many patents, numerous thesis and conferences
• Guest speaker at international technology conferences
• Superior skills in explaining and simplifying complex technical concepts
• Strong background in research and analysis of technical topics
• Subject Matter Expert (SME) in IoT & Blockchain Applications and Implementation
• Five-time winner of Instructor of the year award
• Certificate of Honor recipient from the City and County of San Francisco


Northwestern Polytechnic University NPU Ahmed Banafa