Bixby Developer Showcase - Opportunity & Cash awards

Friday, August 31, 2018 - 8:53am

NPU Northwestern Polytechnic University Bixby Developer Showcase



NPU invites our students to particpate in the Bixby Developer Showcase.


Professor Ahmed Banafa shared with NPU that Samsung and Viv Labs extends an invitation to the Northwestern Polytechnic student community to be a part of our exclusive Bixby Developer Showcase. This is a great learning opportunity for students to apply their studies to real world applications. Bixby would love to see NPU students develop one of the first capsules for Bixby 2.0.


"As part of a new release of Bixby, we’re rolling out great rewards to those who try out the Bixby beta platform. Any of our first group of devs that submit a qualified capsule will get guaranteed cash rewards, $500. Also, top applicants will be flown to San Francisco to demo at Samsung Developers Conference on November 7th - 8th and receive more cash rewards." says Isaac from BeMyApp Agency.


"The Bixby Developer team will host private technical webinars for participants. You’ll also get 1:1 guidance from Viv Labs, the team that created Siri (and now Bixby 2.0). We’ll hold the showcase completely online (more info here), which will be open Aug 13 - Oct 14. Someone from your student body could be the grand prize winner!"


Sign up for the Bixby Developer Showcase here.