A Moment with Brijesh

Brijesh Darji Teaser


Brijesh Darji came from a small business family and grew up without the pressure and expectations of him assuming any certain careers paths, he was free to explore his interests and found fascination in electronic and how things work, like a remote controller. It was in high school that Brijesh realized that there were many different field subjects and career potential in the realm of sensors and electronics.


Currently, Brijesh is a student at Northwestern Polytechnic University pursuing his Masters in Electrical Engineering, he is set to graduate in December 2016. Additionally, he is working as a teaching assistant and lab assistant for Professor Alex Yang, who served as Brijesh’s mentor and guided him throughout the electrical engineering field and prepared him for his career.


“Everything you learn now will have something to do with other things later on — be confident and optimistic.”


Most recently, Brijesh has accepted an internship with Tesla Motors, working with the Product Excellence Engineering Department.


He started looking around the Bay Area for opportunities after his first trimester at NPU, but was immediately drawn to Tesla after driving by and seeing the Fremont, CA location from the freeway.


With Brijesh’s solid technological foundation, he combined his skills and his social network for an introduction into his dream company. He reached out to a Tesla employee for an internal employee referral. It was the perfect opportunity for an introduction because the team was looking for someone to work with motors and has strong knowledge in electrical engineering – one of Brijesh’s biggest strengths. It was a perfect match.

Brijesh Darji’s contagious energy and enthusiasm towards his passion, along with his amicable personality, makes him a shining star for success.