A Moment with Jay

Jay Joshi


As a young child, Jay Joshi would have an early exposure to the growing field of security by following his father to work. This budding interest as a child blossomed into something more defined as Jay grew older and found a passion for big devices and security in large established international companies.


Present day, Jay has just returned home from a domestic business trip and is excited for his next flight to Singapore, he will graduate with a Masters in Computer Science from Northwestern  Polytechnic University this December and he is a Security Engineer at Cisco.


“Believe in yourself , give your 100%, and trust that good will come to you.”


To others, Jay’s journey might appear smooth, but the path to his success was paved with many trials, endless preparation and personal development, relentless determination, and pure focus and hard-work. Jay developed his skills, gained relevant certifications, and updated his resume with the layout and keywords that the hiring managers are seeking.


One of the skills that Jay strongly recommends job seekers to note is their communication skills. Along with knowledge of the language, it is also important to understand and empathize with the person in front of you and to effectively communicate your thoughts to them.


It is undeniable that Jay Joshi’s work ethics and devotion to chasing his interests and passions has gotten him to his current position. Jay came up from an impressionable boy to a world traveler as a Security Engineer representing his dream company, Cisco.