Inspired to Inspire - Mallikarjuna Koduru MS Computer Science '16

Northwestern Polytechnic University Spotlight Mallikarjuna Koduru MS Computer Science

From a humble youth in a small town in India, Mallikarjuna always dreamt of working for one of the biggest and most important companies in the world. He was inspired to move to the United States and pursue a Master of Science in Computer Science Degree at Northwestern Polytechnic University by the incredible story of Jyothi Reddy, a woman who overcame the odds and is now the CEO of Key Software Solutions, Inc., which is worth over $15 million.


As a hardworking student with a desire to always improve himself, Mallikarjuna became a member of the NPU Soaring Eagles Toastmasters Club. The club pushed him to be a better communicator and leader. Seeking the professional guidance of NPU’s faculty and staff, he worked closely with Dr. Mariam Ghazvini, the NPU Career and Job Placement Director, to hone his speaking, writing, and job development skills. His efforts paid off handsomely on campus when Mallikarjuna was awarded the Outstanding Student Scholarship in 2016.

If you fail, don’t give up, because ‘fail’ means ‘first attempt in learning’


After graduating, he started his career in an advertising agency as a Java Automation Engineer. He proudly recounts an incident in which he played an important role: “We had a project with a shoe company; however, the website developer linked a customized shoe to a material that was not available, and the company could not produce the models. We had to cancel the orders, process the refunds, and ensure customer satisfaction. Fortunately, I was able to resolve the software issue before there were too many orders and, as a result, saved the company thousands and thousands of dollars.”


Mallikarjuna is currently working at Techworkers, a workforce solutions company. He submitted his application to them through LinkedIn. Based on his expertise and experience, Techworkers successfully placed him in one of his dream companies, Tesla. He is working as a Python Automation Developer, running automated jobs and ensuring appropriate operation of programs. 


He sees that today’s successful men and women are not afraid of tomorrow's challenges. Mallikarjuna believes that he is not far from reaching his goal of being part of Tesla’s senior management. Indeed, his dedication and hard work will pay off.


The strength and support of his family has helped him throughout his life journey. He shares, “My family has always been very supportive, and I am, and will always be, grateful to them for helping me get this far in life.”


Despite his success, Mallikarjuna has never forgotten his roots in India. His vision is to adopt his village and educate the people who live there. "I would like them to use technology to improve their way of life and do things in a better way," he explains.


Northwestern Polytechnic University Mallikarjuna Koduru MS Computer Science 2016 Spotlight