Creating Opportunities - Venkata Sesha Sai Harika Mellacheruvu MS Computer Science '15

Northwestern Polytechnic University Spotlight NPU August 8, 2018

Harika was born to be an engineer. She has been dedicated to becoming one since her childhood, including having a detailed plan as to how to accomplish this goal. Her parents have been her biggest heroes and supporters along the way. Harika recalls, “My sister and I always had a healthy educational competition. The biggest punishment for us would be missing any class in school. Our parents would wake us up every morning to get prepared for our subjects. We were always working hard.”


The first step in order to achieve her career goal was to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science in the United States. This was her dream, but, at the same time, it became her biggest challenge. Harika shares the story about her proudest moment: “I was struggling a lot in the beginning. Nobody thought that I would sustain. After numerous sleepless nights I finally pulled myself together and overcame all the obstacles. I encouraged myself by repeating that I should show society who I am! I should make my parents proud! I should believe in myself!”


She rose above all the challenges by concentrating on her studies. NPU felt like a family to her since she first applied to the program: “I found here every tool which helped me to become the best engineer. The courses, the professors, the program, all of them were the best fit for my needs.”


Opportunities do not happen by themselves. You have to create them


After graduation, she applied to Cisco Systems because she has felt connected to that company since her childhood. “I remember as a child I was always curious about that symbol on the Cisco router that we had. It fascinated me how that small thing works, and I would never ever have imagined that one day I would be working here as a Senior Software Engineer.”


Harika believes that success comes with hard work, no matter what. She has been working hard her entire life. The result is getting the job at Cisco, after multiple rounds of interviews. She explains, “You have to go slowly, step by step. There will be some rocks in your road, but you have to clean the road to avoid tripping over them. Once you clean it, your road will be smooth, without any rocks. It is a nice feeling to look back on such a clean road. For me, that is success."


In the future, Harika would like to become the most highly sought-after engineer in the Bay Area, and a role model for others. She believes that “If you set your goals high enough, you will accomplish a lot, even if you fulfill just half of your plans.” Knowing her hardworking personality, there is no doubt that she will achieve all of her goals and more.



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