NPU's very own Dr. Nelly Mangarova

Dr. Nelly Mangarova

Personal Motto “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” — Helen Keller

Nelly has over 20 years of experience in higher education, with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of instruction, curriculum development, accreditation process, and academic leadership. She enjoys working with students at NPU and making a difference in their lives. “If I did not like my job, I wouldn’t be in this field. We have to believe in what we do, and we have to do it well,”  she explains.

We have to believe in what we do, and we have to do it well

Back in her home country of Bulgaria, Nelly was a neurologist. After relocating with her family to the United States, she rebuilt her life entirely. She considers that as one of her greatest accomplishments. “As an immigrant, you have to re-start your life and find your pathway again. For me that was teaching, and I fell in love with the profession,” she recalls. Nelly believes true leaders should lead by example and guide others to succeed through hard work. She thinks the measure of success is how happy and content you are. “If I believe I worked hard and I put everything I could into a cause, I will accept the outcome no matter what it is.” She adds that her proudest  moment was seeing her daughter graduate and have a successful career.
As Chief Academic Officer at NPU, she appreciates being a part of a highly dedicated and professional team. For her, this is essential for effective and successful completion of projects. “The teamwork at NPU is astonishing!” Nelly’s most cherished moments are observing students graduating from NPU. The joy on their faces and their hopes for future accomplishments mean more than anything to her.
The most challenging part of Nelly’s job is resolving  issues which are beyond her control. However, she thinks that dealing with such challenges is a necessary part of achieving goals. “I share the NPU vision and I am confident that after we achieve regional accreditation, NPU will be recognized as a leader in higher education through academic excellence,” she concludes.

Advice to NPU Students:

  • Never give up!
  • Life is like a pendulum, we all have our ups and downs.
  • If you truly wish to achieve your goals, don’t just dream about it, work hard for it!