Keeping an Open Mind with NPU Alumni Pedro Costa '15

Northwestern Polytechnic University Alumni Pedro Costa '15 MS Computer Science

Pedro is a friendly, outgoing person who loves to meet new people and experience new things. His dynamic personality brought him to the United States in 2014 with the dream of knowing the world better and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science abroad.


The greatest challenge for Pedro has been leaving his family and friends in Brazil. He shares, “My lovely Brazilian family is something I really care about, especially now that I’ve been living away from home for more than four years. I miss them so much! My parents always encouraged me to be  curious and let me break and fix things on my own.”


Personal Motto....

Allow yourself to fail and be a normal human sometimes.
Always try to have empathy for others!



His father has been a big influence on  Pedro’s life: “He has always been my motivation to keep my head up when fighting for my dreams and goals. He never forgot his family and friends and always tried to keep his ties with them strong and healthy.”

Pedro has never given up on his dream to study Computer Science in a location driven by technology and innovation. That is how he found NPU in Silicon Valley. He believes he was privileged to be able to study and work in Silicon Valley, so after graduation, he came back to NPU to speak to students about his journey searching for a job. He decided to make this his personal   volunteer project.


Pedro started working as a Senior Software  Engineer for Second Life at Linden Lab thanks to a recruiter who found him on LinkedIn and visited his personal website. He really enjoys working at Linden Lab and states  “What caught my eyes was the solid open-minded culture that Linden Lab has.”


Pedro’s idea of leadership is not just being a boss. He explains, “A great leader is the one that’s always trying to have a bird’s-eye view of the problem and is able to influence people to work  together, and who is also getting his/her hands dirty along with the others.”

In the future, Pedro would like to keep exploring new opportunities in Silicon Valley. However, he does not think success is related to material things or professional accomplishments: “I like to think that being successful means feeling happy, healthy, and connected to the people you love and the community around you. In the long term, I would like to see myself in a new occupation,  hopefully as an entrepreneur, and be able to keep sharing what I learn, probably as an instructor or professor somewhere

Pedro Costa's Advice for Northwestern Polytechnic University students