Rajya Venkataramana at Apple Inc.

Rajya Venkataramana Teaser

Rajya graduated from NPU with a Master’s of Science in Computer Science. The first to go to college in her family and with no assistance from her family or friends, she fought for her right to study and that fight paid off. Rajya not only graduated, she excelled in her studies, which led to incredible opportunities.

Rajya appreciates her time and the education she received at NPU and believes that the program structure and great professors were keys to her success. She would encourage others to join NPU to pursue their higher studies. Rajya’s favorite course at NPU was Capstone, where her and her team worked on their project called the “Collective eCloud, Services for Students.” The project involved students connecting and collaborating on LinkedIn to work on projects together.

After graduating, Rajya landed her dream job of working at Apple, Inc. as a JAVA/NOSQL Develops Engineer, where her role is to assist in developing new NOSQL tools and online support. She recalls the interview process to be grueling. It started with a lengthy phone interview, then a 7 hour face-to-face interview with 6 different interview panels. Rajya applied for over 700 positions before she landed her dream job. Her advice to current NPU students is to be confident, never give up, and follow up on every lead or job you apply for. “Don’t give up!”


Connections / Networking.  You need to know or meet people and follow up is key.

Good Communication and have a good personality and positive attitude.