Ravindrakumar Prajapati at Tesla

Ravindrakumar Prajapati

Ravindra identifies success as a motivator in his life. He stays positive by learning from his failures. The sweetest victory is the one that is the most difficult. One of those victories for him was getting a job at Tesla as a Field Energy Specialist.


All of our dreams will come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!

He has over 13 years of professional experience, working in top 100 globally known organizations, such as Vodafone and HDFC bank. He managed several business areas in sales, marketing, and finance. His self-starter attitude led him to apply for an MBA at NPU. Pursuing his American dream has been the greatest challenge so far. Leaving behind family, friends and his fully-established career has not been easy .

I have my family back in India. It is really difficult for me to stay apart from them, but they have always been a great support to my professional development” explains Ravindra. Knowing the importance of networking, Ravindra attended every job fair organized at NPU since the beginning of his studies. In April 2017, his persistence paid off. He was offered an internship as a field energy specialist at SolarCity. This internship opened the door to a full-time employment after graduation. Eventually, Ravindra transitioned into Tesla during the merger of the companies. He applies his business skills in sales, marketing, and customer service in this job. In the next five years, he sees himself at a senior position in Tesla.

"It is very important for students to use all available opportunities during their studies to gain practical knowledge. They need to work hard, and they should never underestimate themselves” advises Ravindra.

He envisions himself as a successful entrepreneur in the future. “The mark of a true leader is a caring attitude, keeping your employees happy, and growing together with them,” explains Ravindra.


  • Keep working on what you love and what you are an expert in!
  • Stay focused and keep trying!
  • Finding a job is a job itself, so you won’t get paid unless you do your job well!