Making our World a Better Place - Marian Rydzanych MS Computer Science '14

NPU Northwestern Polytechnic University Spotlight August 2018 Mariam Rydzanych

Marian is an enthusiastic young professional with a truly colorful personality. He embraces every opportunity to learn and to improve in both his professional and personal life. He likes spending his free time doing extreme sports such as surfing, skydiving, and rock climbing. On top of that, Marian is writing songs and he is a professional actor. He has performed in TV shows with Indigo Films Television Production.


Marian’s determined character brought him to the United States to pursue his Master’s degree. One of the reasons he applied to NPU was the highly-skilled faculty. The real-life IT experiences shared by Northwestern Polytechnic University professors made him more equipped to enter the workforce. He explains, “I really liked my Java class with Professor Henry Chang. He made each session very entertaining.”


After graduating Northwestern Polytechnic University, he jump-started his career as a Lead Front End Software Developer in Rewired Health, a small startup social media venture. As Marian's professional network expanded, he got an opportunity to work as a Mobile Application Developer at Wells Fargo Bank.


Success is a state in your life when you have to choose a new goal, since all of the previous ones have been achieved.”


While advancing on his career path, Marian continued to broaden his knowledge even more. He took business and machine learning courses at Stanford University.


Through his hard work and determination, Marian landed a job at Cisco Systems Inc. as a Tech Lead. He is now the head of User Interface for Cisco Kinetic. Marian is humbled to be trusted to lead an entire product line at Cisco. He explains, “Cisco defines the network today. Without it, there would be no Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, or simply no internet.”


Marian thinks that leadership develops daily, not in one day: “You are not born as a leader. You have to work hard, to prove yourself, and to reach your goals despite the obstacles. Then you will become a real leader. I think when a real leader speaks, people do listen."


Marian firmly believes that one of the keys to success is networking. He follows many successful people, and their stories inspire him to create his own path. He shares, “I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities, but ideally I would like to be in the position to create these opportunities for others.”

NPU Northwestern Polytechnic University Spotlight August 2018