Abhishek Gupta at Microsoft

Abhishek Gupta at Microsoft

Abhishek  is  a  positive  thinker,  down  to earth person who is always ready to face new challenges. This mindset led to his dream job as a Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation.

Stop doubting in yourself, work hard and make it happen!

“I grew up in a middle class family. My father is a social security officer, my mother is a homemaker. I am the first person in my family who dared to dream bigger and came to the United States for higher education,” shares Abhishek with pride in his voice.
As a child, he was always fascinated by how computers work. This passion drew him to programming and to pursue his Master of Science degree in Computer Science at NPU. During his studies, he enjoyed the up-to-date course content and the practical oriented guidance provided by great professors.
While interning with SAP, Abhishek began his quest for the next "big challenge" of his life - finding the right full-time job. The journey was full of twists and turns. "I applied for about 1800 jobs online and interviewed with 22 companies. When Twitter turned me down in the final round, it was difficult to come back in the game with the same vigor. However, I did not give up. After I cleared the interviews with Microsoft (the 23rd one), it was all worth it!" recalls Abhishek.
He has always admired Microsoft for its innovative, cutting-edge technology. Seven difficult rounds of interviews, including a coding task and onsite whiteboard challenges were behind him, once he received the job offer from Microsoft.
His role model is Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. Abhishek looks up to him for his leadership style, his inspiring vision for the future and his positive impact on the community.

Keep on networking and applying for jobs on  every platform!
Always be prepared for whiteboard interviews!

In ten years, he sees himself leading a team  of Software Engineers at Microsoft. Knowing him and his “Can Do” attitude, there is no doubt that he is going to achieve his goals.