Aditya Jagdishchandra Tanna, MSCS'16

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Aditya, a graduate of Northwestern Polytechnic University, notes that NPU "opened its doors and led [him] to where [he is] now." Today, Aditya is an iOS Engineer at Apple and working on making Apple products even more impactful for their users.


Aditya's profound interest in application development was greatly influenced by the IT professionals in his family. After earning a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in India, Aditya pursued an advanced degree in the United States. He has always believed that higher education provides more opportunities and advantages in this competitive world: "Expanding one's skills and knowledge are important to succeed. We should always find ways to flourish in life."


" We should always find ways to flourish in life."


Based on recommendations from his friends, Aditya chose to pursue an advanced degree at NPU. Aditya’s academic journey with NPU was truly remarkable, but studying and living abroad, while exciting, was certainly not easy: "Being an international student required me to cope with the anxiety of moving into a new place. I had to be brave to face uncertainty." Furthermore, pursuing a higher education meant being away from his fiancée. Despite these difficulties, Aditya rose to the challenge.


Aditya drew inspiration from Steve Jobs, who influenced him to "stay hungry." He also drew inspiration from his family, watching his own uncle secure a job at Oracle as a database administrator and working there for twenty years. Such inspiring individuals motivated Aditya to stay the course and to make the most of his time at NPU.


That perseverance paid off, as he credits his experience at NPU for giving him real-life insight on "how working in an industry is beneficial in preparing for opportunities." That insight allowed Aditya to navigate his professional journey successfully in the United States.


Aditya’s first position was via an internship with a start-up. He recalls, "I had low pay, but I gained much knowledge, especially about working with a small team. It was a wonderful experience." He then moved to Los Angeles and worked for AT&T as a Mobile Application Developer. Due to the limited duration of his OPT period, events didn't quite occur as planned there, but, thanks to his patience and determination, a new opportunity soon emerged, and Aditya was soon able to answer another question that he had considered earlier in his career: "What is it like to work at Apple?"


In 2019, he started working with Apple as a Consultant and was eventually offered a full-time position. When asked, "What are your accomplishments that make you feel proud and successful?" Aditya responded, "I made it to Apple! I never thought that the dream I had of working at Apple would come true." He adds, "I always find new things to learn, and I'm enjoying the perks, of course."


Success means something different to each person, but to Aditya it means: "As long as you achieve your goal, you can fulfill your own needs and provide for your family, and importantly, you're happy, that, to me, is success."


In offering advice to those hoping to land a job, he stresses the importance of networking for landing a job and taking advantage of opportunities. During his time at NPU, Aditya served as a Teaching Assistant and Lab Instructor, in which he taught many students: "It was an excellent opportunity to network and showcase my skills. I was able to present myself in front of a big crowd." He also encourages Computer Science students, particularly software developers, to practice data structures and algorithms. These are his tips for an interview: "Be vocal rather than making employers guess your abilities, and be honest about your credentials."


Aditya’s own future remains bright. His fiancée’s visa ultimately worked out, and they are now married and both are IT professionals. As for his own plans, Aditya "would love to come up with something that would be life-changing and meaningful to society," and he sees himself "embracing the role of a responsible husband and father to [his] family."


Congratulations and best wishes to Aditya!


Practice data algorithms and data structures. Ask for help and don’t be afraid to ask someone in your network.

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