Chandi Priya at Intel

Chandi Priya Teaser

Chandi Priya has landed her dream job at Intel as a Component Design Engineer.   At an early age, she wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps who has been her role model, encouraging her to pursue her dreams.  Having realized the need for higher education in order for her dreams to come true, Priya focused her studies primarily on VLSI engineering. 

Believe in yourself more!

She recently graduated with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnic University.   From her own experience, Priya advises her fellow students to “Spend 2-3 hours daily searching and applying for jobs. Keep your resume current and update it according to the job requirements.  Don’t just apply for a job, but reach out to the hiring managers, as well.”  Priya submitted her resume to over 100 companies prior to the interview at Intel.  She spent over 15 hours preparing herself for making a good impression at the interview, and she is proud of achieving her goal.


Priya is motivated by reading about successful women in leading companies in Electronics Day magazine.  Within the next few years, Priya aims to be part of Intel’s senior management.

Update your resume at least twice a month.

Reach out to recruiters.

Use LinkedIn, great source!