Hepsiba Peram at Amazon

Hepsiba Peram

Hepsiba believes that success comes with a combination of hard work and even some failures. She herself had some downfalls before landing her dream job at Amazon. However, all of that hardship strengthened her to work tirelessly towards her goals.


Never let yourself down!

Growing up in a religious and intellectual family, her intention was to become a software engineer. Her role models are her parents, especially her mother, who is a school principal and who constantly encouraged her to pursue a higher degree. This inspired her to join NPU and to concentrate exclusively on her studies. “I had a great time at NPU, all the professors and teaching assistants were very supportive!”, she recollects.

After earning her Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, the greatest challenge she faced was to become a software engineer at Amazon. She competed with candidates with more work experience than hers. The job interview was an intricate procedure that lasted almost two weeks and involved seven rounds. All that effort paid off when she became a Quality Assurance Engineer at Amazon more than a year ago.

She enjoys every moment of her job. She appreciates the work environment and her team very much: “Amazon feels like home to me.”

Work hard towards your goals and don’t be afraid of failures!