Finding Happiness in the Little Things - Yogesh Kulkarni MSCS '15

NPU Northwestern Polytechnic University October 2018 Yogesh Kulkarni Spotlight

Yogesh finds happiness in the little things. He shares, “It does not take much to cheer me up. I find happiness in seeing love and care in people’s eyes. I feel lucky to have experienced happiness during my life journey so far.”


At a young age, Yogesh already knew what he wanted to achieve in life. His dream was to earn an advanced degree in Computer Science and become an engineer. Encouraged by his father to pursue his goals by studying in the United States, Yogesh chose NPU. During his studies, he struggled with being away from his family for the first time: “It was hard, because I missed my family a lot. They are the backbone of my life. Everything starts and ends with them.”


His studies and the professors at NPU helped him through those hard times by providing an outstanding degree program and challenging assignments. Besides excelling in his studies, Yogesh worked on campus, and in his free time he read IEEE research papers. All of his intellectual and academic activity helped him prepare for the job search process. He explains, “Preparing to land the job you want starts as soon as you enter your advanced studies. I was working hard day and night to earn good grades and to obtain the skills needed to become a professional engineer.”


After graduation, Yogesh began applying for positions in his field. He vividly remembers how determined he was to find a job: “I submitted more than thirty online applications per day. I was interviewed and unfortunately, did not move on to the next round. I could have easily given up but giving up didn’t even cross my mind.” All of his hard work paid off when Minerva Networks, pioneer in the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) industry, invited him for an interview. He was interviewed for six hours by Minerva’s executive team, and they offered him the job later that same day. The very next day, he started his job as a QA Automation Engineer. It was one of the proudest moments of his life.

The day when you come to know who you really are is the real success.

As a QA Automation Engineer, Yogesh is developing automated test cases and helping manage teams. He enjoys working with people and is fascinated by the role each one has in the company’s operations.


In addition to his academic and professional success, he loves to take pictures and has a keen eye, finding beauty in everything. However, his greatest passion will always be computer science. Yogesh believes one’s passion can easily develop into leadership: “When your passion becomes a reality through your daily work, then you automatically grow into a leader during that process. If you love what you do, it is easy to lead others.”


Yogesh believes that success is not related to fame or money. He thinks, “finding your ultimate purpose in life is the real accomplishment. That purpose helps you find out who you really are.”