Work Hard on Your Skills - AbdulKareem Hadi Muhammad MSCS '15


Abdulkareem has always been fascinated with computers, and showed interest in engineering at a very young age: “I always wanted to be a computer engineer while growing up. I had seen my elder brother's commitment to studies and how he became successful in the same field.”


Kareem's family has been incredibly influential in his life. They instilled the positive values which have shaped him to be the person he is today. He shares, “My parents always encouraged me and my siblings to study hard and excel in our chosen careers. My father advised me to stand out and be the best among other engineers. My brother taught me that embracing my failures and learning from them is paramount.”


After completing his bachelor program in India, Kareem moved to the United States to pursue a master’s degree. He decided to study at NPU because of its course structure and faculty, who are highly skilled and have industry experience. He recalls, “My favorite project was the library system which I created in the Java class with professor Nels Vander-Zanden. I learned a lot during that project, and really enjoyed the classes.”


Leadership is understanding the mindset of each individual in the group before making a decision


In his last term at NPU, Kareem joined the Ask Media Group as an intern. The hard work paid off when he was offered a full-time position after graduation. He has changed professional roles multiple times within this company. He started working as a test automation engineer, and currently he is a platform and cloud services engineer. He remembers, “It was challenging to demonstrate my professional skills in the beginning. Soon after I switched to this role, the company started to move their in-house data center infrastructure to the cloud. As I was involved in the project, I wanted to excel in that field. I decided to obtain a certification in cloud computing, and as a result, I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect today.”


Kareem feels proud to be working in a technology company. He states, "I am working in Silicon Valley, the world's IT Hub. On top of that, my employer uses the latest technology trends in the market. I could not wish for more right now."


Kareem defines success as achieving the goals created for oneself. He would like to set his goals even higher in the future by creating a technology startup. With this in mind, he advises other engineering students to “Utilize the opportunity to gain knowledge from experienced professors at NPU. Programming is all about practice. Start with small projects, work hard on enhancing your skills, and you can become a well-rounded professional one day!”



Northwestern Polytechnic University tips for landing a job by Abdulkareem Hadi Muhammad