Ramesh Putta, MSCS'16

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Ramesh believes that success is about wise planning and making progress towards your broader vision.


Encouraged by his friend to pursue his goals, Ramesh moved to the United States to earn an advanced Computer Science degree. He decided to study at Northwestern Polytechnic University because of the design of the Computer Science program: "As the first school I visited in the U.S., I was already impressed with the student-professor interactions."


During his first trimester at NPU, he was able to work as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Mariam Ghazvini: "I learned a lot from her. She motivated me to improve my perspective and expand my possibilities." He also recalls, "My favorite (course) was the capstone, where I managed a DevOps project team. It was a great experience as the leader of a group where I shared my knowledge with team members and helped them solve the issues."

The experience and knowledge that he gained from starting his own company in India, plus an internship at Devopulse, led him to more opportunities. After graduating, he first landed a job at Attology, a company that focuses on artificial intelligence. Currently, he's working at Key Solutions as a Senior DevOps Engineer, helping manage the offshore team.


Ramesh credits his success to his friend, Nitin Panuganti: "He pushed me to build up my programming skills, and I'm proud that we started a company together." He added, "We are still good friends today, even though I left the company to come to the U.S. for school and work."


"Be patient. Success can come at any time and age, so do not let your spirits be brought down by your mistakes."

Ramesh believes that planning for success must have alternatives: "If your first plan fails, go on to the next, and never let failures stop you from pursuing your goals." With his preparation and determination, Ramesh is delighted to share that he's completing his third master's degree. He advises students, "When you have the choice between an easy and a tough professor, choose the tough one. Even if you get a lesser grade, you will get more experience and learn more things. If you maintain a 3.0 GPA, the experience is more valuable than a good grade. Try to do internships while working on your studies; this will give you greater exposure when you graduate."


Regarding his aspirations, Ramesh shares, "In the future, I would love to start my own artificial intelligence company. At some point, I would like to pursue a doctorate degree too. And at the end of the day, I see myself supporting and fulfilling my family's and my future wife's dreams."


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