Basketball and Computer Science - Preetu Singh MSCS '17

Northwestern Polytechnic University Alumni Preetu Singh

Our high-spirited alumna, Preetu, is driven, always striving towards her goals. She is a software professional with seven years of experience in IT, and an Amazon Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Security Specialist.


Not many people know that Preetu is also a talented basketball player: "I am proud to be a national level athlete and a state level basketball player in India. I won many corporate basketball tournaments as a team captain for my previous employer Wipro, a multinational corporation based in Bengaluru, India."


Preetu always dreamed of becoming a software engineer. She earned her bachelor's degree in IT in Mathura, India. To keep pace in her field, and to have a greater focus on current IT practices, she pursued a master's degree in Computer Science in the United States. She decided to study at NPU because of the design of our Computer Science program: "I really like the courses at NPU, such as Big Data and Hadoop." She recalls, "My favorite project was the Bloom Filter in Big Data in Dr. Henry Chang's class. The project gave me lots of exposure on how the actual content filtering can be done while implementing it on the AWS platform." Preetu proudly shares that she completed her master's degree with a 4.0 GPA.


Each team member in an organization has a different role. Likewise, in basketball, each member must strive to work towards meeting the team's objective


Her journey to a successful career was not easy. She overcame a few personal challenges before landing a job as a Software Engineer at Moody's Analytics.


The award-winning software in the AWS cloud attracted Preetu to join the company. She explains, "Moody's Analytics performs economic research related to credit analysis, performance management, financial modeling, structured analysis, and financial risk management...It also offers software and consulting services, including proprietary economic models and software tools.”


Currently, she is working with the company's team based in New York, defining the security standards for applications and cascading the designs to the respective engineering teams. As an Amazon Certified Solutions Architect Associate, she is also responsible for designing the security applications hosted on Cloud.


Preetu set a goal for herself, and made it happen. Today, she is reaping the benefits of her efforts. She credits her success to the support and guidance of others: "My biggest influence has always been my husband. We are both in the same career field, and he opened the door of the software world to me. He always motivates me to do my best." She adds, "My managers, Vipin Makode and Suriyanto Bongso, helped me as well in shaping my career and transforming my mistakes into skills. I am truly grateful for everything they have taught me.”


Northwestern Polytechnic University Preetu Singh