Hands On with SAP - Supriya Sahebrao Deore MS Computer Science '18

Northwestern Polytechnic University Supriya Sahebrao Deore MS Computer Science SAP Intern

Supriya was born and raised in a small town in India. Her father always envisioned her as an engineer. She is proud to say that she has fulfilled her father’s vision while achieving her own dreams.


After getting her Bachelor’s degree and work experience in India, she moved to the United States with her husband. She decided to apply for the Master of Science in Computer Science program at NPU based on her friends’ recommendations and its ideal location in the heart of Silicon Valley. She shares, “Choosing NPU to pursue my Master’s Degree was one of the best decisions. The classes I took here were very helpful in getting my first internship as a front-end software developer. All of the courses were focused on industry trends and not solely on theoretical concepts. Hands on project work has helped me become a proficient computer scientist. I managed to build a strong resume and was well prepared for my interviews.”

Keep applying for jobs and disregard the rejections.

Keep striving and do not lose hope.


Before graduating, she started working as a Mobile Services Operation Intern at SAP. She found this opportunity through Indeed, and explains, “It was my second internship during my Master’s, so it was much easier to find than the first one. My daily target was to submit 30-50 applications during the job search period. My husband and family were always there for me through every step, giving me advice and steering me in the right direction. They are the biggest influencers in my life.”


In the future, Supriya envisions herself in a  position in which she would have enough knowledge to guide other people: “Even though I feel this is my dream job, I would like to aim higher, and maybe one day I will be working for Microsoft or Google.”   Northwestern Polytechnic University