Vamshi Vishnu Kotha, MSCS'15

Vamshi Kotha profile picture with his employer and job title information


'Finding what makes you happy and doing it' describes the journey of our alumnus, Vamshi, as he reaches his goal of becoming an IT Developer.


Vamshi spends his free time watching movies, traveling, and developing an authentic network of peers through LinkedIn and other platforms.


He completed his degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering in India. Regarding his first job in an IT company, he explains, "I was well-compensated; however, I felt that I should switch my career to become a developer."


Highly interested in hacker-themed movies, he decided to pursue his master's degree in Computer Science. Vamshi was encouraged by his friend to study at Northwestern Polytechnic University because of its location in Silicon Valley and the curriculum structure: "I was able to participate in different summits and conferences. Attending NPU, to me, meant getting closer to the IT companies that I had dreamt of working for."


Vamshi indicates that the diverse backgrounds of NPU faculty helped him to move towards a career as a developer, remarking, "I am incredibly thankful for the encouragement and instruction I received from Prof. Ahmed Banafa and Dr. Vidyacharan Bhaskar."


He proudly recalls, "My first Java course with Ms. Aruna Iyer was a huge help to kick start my career. Mentored by Prof. Ahmed Banafa, his team came up with the capstone project "Meet and Greet with a Professor," which enhanced the Student Portal by adding a brief description of NPU professors and the option to schedule a consultation appointment. He adds, "I am glad that I was able to work with my classmates, and the project went well."


Currently, Vamshi is working at Penn National Gaming, the largest corporation in the casino industry in North America. As a Solutions Developer, he focuses on enhancing services for customers: "I develop loyalty applications and enhance hotel booking applications. I am also mentoring new members of our team. I am grateful for working in a fun environment."


“A great leader is one who cultivates those around them to grow and be better.”


Reflecting on his journey, he believes that moving to the United States was the most significant challenge he has overcome thus far. He explains, "I grew up in a middle-class family. My father is a government officer, and my mother is a homemaker. Reaching for my greater dreams means I have to pay for school loans and adapt to a new environment. If all else fails, there's no one to blame but me." Indeed, Vamshi has proven that he made the right decision, remarking, "I am proud of myself that I made it here. I’m always thankful for my parents, friends and NPU faculty for their support." He firmly believes that happiness is the key to success: "There's always a place for us to be happy. Finding it will lead to our success."


Vamshi encourages students to use LinkedIn and start building connections: "Socialize to get a job. Be on LinkedIn and talk to someone who shares the same interest with you. Hundreds of connections don't make a difference if you don't talk to them."




  • Grow your professional network.
  • Be active on LinkedIn.


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