Like Father, Like Son - Yousuf Syed MS Electrical Engineering '10

Northwestern Polytechnic University Spotlight Yousuf Syed MS Electrial Engineering NPU

Yousuf explains, "I’m insatiable until I reach my exact goals. I never give up, even if it requires a lot of effort and hard work." He is disciplined man who believes in precise execution. Yousuf’s inspiration to be the best engineer possible is his father. He shares, “my dad has always been my mentor. He instilled in me that failures are an important part of the steps to success; learn from your mistakes and try to improve each day.”


The most significant challenge for him thus far has been leaving his family behind in India to make a career in the United States. Each day has been a learning experience for him. He wanted to be the best possible engineer and he told himself that he must study hard in order to master the subject.


He selected NPU to pursue his graduate degree because of the highly talented professors, outstanding engineering program, reasonable tuition fees, friendly staff, and excellent career opportunities.


You never know when the door to success opens a little so you can squeeze in yourself.  Seize your moments.


After graduating, he started his career with a small networking firm. With a year and a half of experience under his belt, he pursued a position with Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated and was hired as a Senior Software Test Engineer.


Yousuf believes that leadership means “running the show” independently and being enthusiastic about stepping forward and accepting challenges. He advises, “continue to work hard until you reach your milestones.”


As an Engineer, he always talks about precision and flawless execution: “If there is even one thing I can do to make my goals better, I do not hesitate to do so. I’ll be continuing to study my subject and give my best to any work I do in my life.”

Northwestern Polytechnic University NPU Yousuffudin Syed MS Electrical Engineering 2010