The Confidence of Jieli Zhang MBA '14

NPU Northwestern Polytechnic University Jieli Zhang

Jieli, a soft-spoken alumna of NPU, is determined: she never gives up until she reaches her goals. Two of her primary goals have been to earn a Master’s degree in the United States, and to gain self-confidence in her English communication skills. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Economics, she decided to come to the United States to pursue her Master of Business Administration degree. Based on a friend’s recommendation, Jieli and her father decided to visit the NPU campus before applying to the university. At that time, they met Dr. George Hsieh, former president of NPU. Dr. Hsieh’s advice encouraged Jieli to pursue her advanced degree here. She vividly recalls, “Dr. Hsieh always greeted me with a big smile. He told me that I must have faith in myself and my abilities if I want to reach my dreams. I’ve followed his advice.”


As a non-native English speaker at the beginning of her studies, Jieli found herself shy and lacking confidence in her verbal communication skills. She took action by joining NPU’s Toastmasters Club. She felt that the club, as well as her projects and oral presentations in the MBA program, boosted her self-confidence. She explains, “Through these activities, my grammar has improved, and my vocabulary has expanded. I have learnt to construct my sentences correctly and to organize my speech. I'm happy that I made the right decision by joining NPU, and it will not stop there. I will continue to read and practice, as this is lifelong learning."


After graduating, she held various accounting-related positions, such as bookkeeper, accounting coordinator, and research specialist. Then, she found out about JVS (Jewish Vocational Service), a non-profit organization that helps people to find jobs in the Bay Area. Upon completion of her training with JVS, she successfully landed a job at US Bank. Currently, she is working as a Personal Banker, helping clients to open bank accounts and manage their finances. She shares, “With the nature of my job, I get the chance to communicate with clients every day. I'm really glad that this opportunity came to me. Being a Personal Banker helps a lot in developing my communication skills.” She believes that success can be achieved through self-discipline and by making the right decisions: "Our success depends on what we create for ourselves and the path we choose."

Choose your own path and follow it through. Never give up. Nothing is impossible.

Indeed, Jieli's experience is a perfect example of great effort and perseverance. She has not been afraid to address her weakness, and she continually searches for ways to improve herself. In the future, Jieli sees herself as a professional leader advancing in a fulfilling career path. She explains, “I would like to work as a financial analyst or an accountant. It would also be nice to come back to NPU and work with the accounting department one day.”


Northwestern Polytechnic University NPU Jieli Zhang